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We produce large chandeliers and luxury Murano chandelier (classic and modern) with the ancient Murano technique

We are a family of master glassmakers in the art of Venetian blown glass that produces luxury
Murano chandeliers.

We specialize in creating large luxury chandeliers for large villas or the halls of luxury hotels.

We work with many architects or interior designers and we are also able to produce items on our client's personalized design. We have already completed many installations in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Russia, India, China, Australia and Japan.

Our customers can be present at the production of their product directly in our artistic furnace in Spinea (Venice) to see how the product they purchased takes shape. All the objects we create are real works of art that acquire value simply because they have been built by our master glassmakers with great experience in working with glass.

The story of Carlo Rosa the founder of the artistic glassworks
“Since childhood, glass has aroused great charm in me. I easily learned the techniques and secrets of the various processes of this material, thus learning the art from the masters of the best Murano furnaces.

The passion and experience gained over many years of work, the search for beauty and perfection, between the heat of the furnace and the ability to transform glass into a true work of art.

I have passed on this experience to my children Denis and Omar; love for the Art of Glass.
For many years, under the name of Vetreria Artitica Rosa, we have been producing blown glass chandeliers (Murano chandeliers) following the traditional techniques of Murano art.

Keeping the artisan tradition we also have a vast collection of modern glass chandeliers, highly appreciated by architects and interior designers ".

Carlo Rosa


La nuova Showroom - Lavori in corso
La nuova Showroom procede acquistando sempre più splendore!
NETTUNO - Un imponente lampadario in vetro veneziano
Nettuno, Il dio delle profondità del mare e del pianeta blu che sosta ai limiti della galassia rappresentato in quest’opera d’arte.
STILE IMPERIALE - Un lampadario in vetro stile Liberty
Stile Imperiale, il nome già descrive l’imponente lampadario dall’aspetto raffinato e regale.
GOCCE DI PIOGGIA - Nuovissimo modello d'arte di design
Gocce di Pioggia, una cascata di gocce di pioggia che porta con sé l’atmosfera pacifica e rilassata che solo una giornata di pioggia può trasmettere. ... more >>
RICCIOLI D'ORO - Il primo modello creato nel 2020
Il primo lampadario del 2020!


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You find us here!

Vetreria Artistica Rosa Snc
Via G. Ferraris 29
30038 Spinea (Venezia)
Telefono: +39 041 5410868
Fax +39 041 5410868
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