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Luxury Murano Chandeliers
Step into the world of opulence with our Luxury Murano Chandeliers, uniquely precious pieces produced by the Rosa family ... more >>
Classic Murano Chandeliers
Explore our exquisite collection of classic Murano chandeliers, each piece is a testament to the timeless elegance and u ... more >>
Murano Floral Chandeliers
Immerse yourself in an enchanted journey through art, creativity, and light with the Murano Floral Chandeliers, artistic ... more >>
Modern Murano Chandeliers
In our Modern Murano Chandeliers collection, you can uncover the wonders of glass art with pieces ranging from the beaut ... more >>
Murano Chandeliers Liberty and Decò
Discover the sublime elegance of Liberty and Deco style chandeliers, crafted with the masterful artistry of Murano glass ... more >>
Artistic glass tables
Artistic glass tables entirely handmade by the Master glassmakers of the Rosa family.
The peculiarity of our tables, ...
more >>
Modern suspension lamps
Modern pendant lamps, handmade with artistic Murano glass, fully customizable.
Modern artistic floor lamps
Floor lamps of modern design, designed to furnish and illuminate the islands of your home, giving a unique and elegant s ... more >>
Modern table lamps
This lamps are designed to illuminate your rooms in an elegant and artistic way, in step with the modernity of the perio ... more >>


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Vetreria Artistica Rosa Snc
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30038 Spinea (Venezia)

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