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A truly artistic glass furnace


In our furnace, the Venetian artistic glass is worked over the years with the same techniques, procedures and instruments of the past.
We, the Rosa family, still work glass according to centenary customs: from fusion to the creation of objects, tradition remains the beating heart that guides our artistic hands.
These customs have been handed down by our ancestors up to the present (the father, Carlo, and his sons Denis and Omar). Thanks to their passion, commitment and ability, they have achieved excellent creative results.
Precious, agile and skillful hands, glances that run from the furnace fire to the water, rapidity of movements and hours of work, shoulder to shoulder, day after day, have enabled them to create a real world of unique and extraordinary works.
These Venetian blown glass works are pure magic, the result of a precise processing and composition of the "elements" (fire, water and air), all preceded by a hand-drawn sketch, a careful study to set up the project and the subsequent realization of the work itself.
Our traditional artistic craft is of high technical and professional level. It can start from our artistic inspiration or from a custom request from clients (for example, from an architect or interior designer). From this, thanks to a strong creativity and experience, we create artistic objects of inestimable heritage for their authenticity and originality.
Since we do not use modern machinery, the workmanship is different for each piece and the structure is adapted to the context, so as to give the work unrepeatable harmony and balance.
Our strength is making a dream reality, creating unique works that can be customized on your request. They are all handmade Venetian artistic glass products guaranteed by our brand.


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You find us here!

Vetreria Artistica Rosa Snc
Via G. Ferraris 29
30038 Spinea (Venezia)
Telefono: +39 041 5410868
Fax +39 041 5410868
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