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Private villas

✅ We furnish the best private villas in the world

The artworks of the Venetian Glassware of the Rosa family are of great international importance both for design and architecture. With their creations they provide interesting and different solutions to furnish luxury villas, reception rooms or homes, customizing everything according to the specific needs of customers.
✅ Artworks of high artistic level

All the glass works are classified as high-level Venetian crafts. Being placed in various refined living contexts, they can be defined as real "Venetian glass projects", whose elegance gives prominence to the furnishings.

Each glass work allows the realization of a surprising dream in every way, from the design to the setting and architecture of your villa. The artworks of these Venetian glass masters are already contemplated as furnishings in the villas around the world and proudly recognized for their authenticity, preciousness, different type of workmanship and unparalleled beauty, always in harmony with the Venetian tradition.

✅ Customized solutions for fine customers

Any project commissioned to this great glassware develops solutions with extraordinary results, especially for those who can understand and recognize the centenary Venetian art of glass making (lovers, enthusiasts and demanding customers) through the creation of chandeliers, mirrors, scrolls hand and much more, personalizing it to uniqueness.

These "Author Artisans" also adapt the production of Venetian artistic glass furnishings to modern or classic design, which on request can be enhanced by the addition of gold during the manufacturing process.

The realization of the glass work, on request, can be admired by customers following the various stages of its processing. That is an added value of completeness impressed in the memory of the transformation of glass into the refined and precious item requested.
✅ Customers can see the artistic workmanship of their works with their own eyes

Customers will be pleasantly welcomed for a demonstration at the Rosa’s art laboratory. The Masters themselves will explain the artistic glass working, from the furnace to the blowing and processing of the Venetian artistic glass, showing you their unique techniques and related skills, which are known all over the world.
✅ Art that lasts over time

This refined design is destined to last over time and to convey eternal emotions, highlighted by the shapes and light of this particular glass, which is the core of the work itself. It crowns a wonderful dream, turning it into an elegant and wonderful reality and furnishing your villa with emotions that historically the city itself pervades all of us.


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30038 Spinea (Venezia)

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