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References and past works

Over the years we have carried out lots of important and prestigious works for both Italian and international clients.

The most recent works include:
- Private villa in Guang Dong, China (2018).
- Precious Cà Rezzonico chandeliers for private villa entrance in Sicily.
- Realization of chandeliers and sconces for luxury hotels of the "Jeurong" chain located in Shanghai. Of great importance is the majestic chandelier in the hall (H. 420 cm - diameter 480 cm, 126 + 25 lights - lampshades not made of fabric, made entirely of glass).
- Private villa in Fu Zhou (2017 - 2018). Made all the interior chandeliers, chandelier for abroad, outdoor fountain, mirrors. All items have been custom made. A part of the total is composed of custom chandeliers belonging to our collections. The remaining part is composed of chandeliers specially designed for our client.
- Made Three Elements and Crazy chandeliers for a children's clinic in Florida (2017).
- Creation of chandeliers and other creations (including mirrors and consoles) tailored, commissioned for the Indian princess. Supplies for the private villa in Oman, apartments in London and Dubai. In this project of great importance: the Imperial Century chandelier.
- Cà Rezzonici for Hotel Cipriani in Las Vegas, Dubai, Miami, London.
- Pittarosso glass award for G.P. Combat 97th Tour of Italy (Trieste, 1 June 2014).
- Glass bicycle commissioned by Clear channel that tested bike sharing in Rome for electric bicycles.
- Carabiniere hat, popularly called "Lucerna" and made for the carabinieri weapon.
- Custom-made chandeliers for private homes from the 1600s in Verona. In 2011 we studied together with the customer an ideal solution for the realization of all the chandeliers in the house that could be placed on ceilings with various heights.
- Cà Rezzonico Doge at 52 lights, Cairo, Egypt. In 2010, after several months of intense work, we concluded the Cà Rezzonico Doge, a majestic and imposing chandelier 350 cm high, 250 cm in diameter and 52 lights, made for a dome in Cairo.
- Precious Cà Rezzonico made for the living room of a private villa on Lake Como.
- In 2009 we created a beautiful chandelier for the Palace of the Veneto Region, Palazzetto Sceriman, Cannaregio 160, Venice.
- Chandeliers for restaurant hall, fireplace room, cellar and rooms of Locanda San Marco, San Marco di Resana (TV).
- Realization of all the lighting part of the Truhlárská Hotel, Prague (2008).
- Aquatic and Sunflower models specially created for the Las Vegas Casino (2007-2008).
- Realization of chandeliers for Benetton offices in Moscow (2007).
There are a lot of projects that we have followed in collaboration with designers and architects.
Many are the stores to which we have supplied chandeliers present in the catalog or made on specific request, as well as the creations made for houses, apartments and private villas and the restorations carried out on commission of private and antique customers.
In addition to national level, our works are also known all over the world, from China, to Russia, to the Arab countries, to the United States.

Also "Le Classique", a well-known Ukrainian magazine, wrote about us.


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