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We have always been available before, during and after the completion of our works.

We study every single detail with you before processing and offer a complete customization option.
In our offices we have some color charts in glass in which you will be able to see the effect of a certain shade realized in the transparent or paste version.
We consult during the creation of the work and send you the photos of your product both in the processing phases and at the end of it.
We can also provide you with a video file containing the realization of your chandelier or glass object.

What happens once our creation is finished?

- PACKAGING AND FRAGILE SHIPMENTS. Working with great frequency with customers from all over the world, we guarantee a type of packaging suitable for each type of destination, both with regard to the regulations (pallets and other specific types of packaging) and with regard to the preparation of pallets able to transport very fragile products over long distances.
- ASSEMBLY. Upon request and agreements, we can install our products on site. Alternatively we provide precise assembly instructions and offer remote technical assistance.

If you happen to damage one or more components of your chandelier over time?

For any technical needs after installation, problems, breakages or request for spare parts over time, we guarantee our complete availability in order to find the best solution or provide what is necessary.


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Vetreria Artistica Rosa Snc
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30038 Spinea (Venezia)
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