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The meaning of our logo

How the logo of the Vetreria Artistica Rosa was born
Our logo is reminiscent of the classic iron of the Venetian gondola, but is enriched by a small detail which, however, is a large and precious significant and representative symbol for our family artistic activity.
The so-called and typical "pettine" or "dolfin", with its teeth represents the sestieri of Venice and embellishes the splendid and elegant gondola of the Venetian lagoon.
The symbology of the bow iron of the gondola demonstrates the importance of the Venetian boat also as a means of communication to affirm the artistic, historical and cultural greatness of the city of Venice and for this dutiful reason we have chosen to use this symbol, in the logo, because it expresses the same value, the origin of our glass art and belonging to the city of Venice.
Carlo Rosa created it in the 80s and initially used it as a signature in his paintings. The logo was subsequently seen by Giorgio Igne (, a famous internationally renowned sculptor who created the "unknown Carabiniere" among the various works.
Art is our strength
Our slogan was designed specifically because all the glass works take shape thanks to our excellent manual ability, the same that even starting from an exaggerated, risky and unique idea inspires us so much that the soul and body of the work itself , becomes tangibly immortal over time. We have become master glassmakers and for this we can without "damage" forget about rules and limits, and this distinguishes us all over the world


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