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We collaborate with many architects for the realization of entire projects related to both restorations and new buildings. We handle creations for hotels, restaurants, entire villas, and many other types of environments.
We are able to propose many different alternatives that may be the suitable solution for every circumstance.

The range of items we offer is very wide and varied. Of great relevance is our ability to work on request, creating tailor-made creations and satisfying every need, ensuring an excellent level of quality.
We study together every technical detail and we are able to create samples for all those requests that do not fit into our collections.

Over the years, there have been many examples of realization, including:

- large chandeliers made for large precious environments

- supplies of large quantities of lighting products such as wall sconces and chandeliers of various types, styles, and sizes.

- outdoor chandeliers with particular technical requirements (an important example is described in the Custom Realizations section, "A fundamental example of uniqueness")

- elements for the embellishment of hotel room furnishings such as engraved mirrored glass components for bed and sofa decoration.

- illuminated and non-illuminated mirrors with various decorations or engravings and of different sizes. Mirrored and non-mirrored consoles, decorated or plain.
Glass fountains of various types and sizes. Decorative installations, illuminated or not, of different sizes and with various characteristics.

We leave ample room for customization and provide the necessary assistance for an excellent finished product.


We collaborate with many renowned INTERIOR DESIGNERS during the development of various types of projects.
Thanks to the experience of the Rosa Masters, it is possible to meet any request with very different characteristics, such as:

- the style
- the dimensions and number of lights
- type of processing and coloring
- application or addition of special details such as the use of gold in glass or in the coating.

We provide many different items for interior decoration. We offer our catalog, which is periodically renewed with the introduction of new creations.

Our collections can be entirely customized in every detail to obtain a unique product. The Masters also offer the possibility of producing their own creation from scratch, starting from a drawing or just an idea. They then develop the sketch on paper and the technical drawing before moving on to actual realization.

The items in production, as for the other categories, are of various and different types:

- lighting products, such as chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights.
- furnishing accessories such as mirrors, consoles, vases, bowls, sculptures, goblets, and services with a decanter, ...
- decorative elements of various kinds such as components for bed and sofa decoration.

The possible final variants vary according to numerous different characteristics:

- modern style
- luxury chandeliers
- classic style chandeliers
- floral chandeliers
- Liberty and Deco style

The dimensions can be varied; we create creations of any size (including the largest ones for large projects and environments), starting from the project on the client's specific request or creating a new project from scratch.

Color (in paste or transparent, choosing the most suitable shades) with the addition of particular details such as 24-carat gold, mirror coating, engravings, sought-after detail, the uniqueness of our works, the originality of our proposals, the safety of our technical details, the infinite possible variants thanks to a 100% customization service are the fundamental elements that allow us to represent for this sector of professionals the optimal right-hand for a perfect and satisfactory final result.

We propose our collections emphasizing the possibility of complete customization based on specific technical needs and personal taste.
In addition to our catalog, we can realize any personal project.
We can start from a drawing or just an idea, thus developing sketches on paper and technical drawings.

The best technical solutions will be evaluated together with the client to understand which one best suits the environment and circumstances.
We offer multiple customization options: frame and glass color (we provide a color sample for the final decision of the glass components), precious details such as the use of gold and silver.

Every product that leaves our artistic furnace is shipped with carefully prepared packaging tailored to allow our creations to undertake very long journeys and arrive at their destination intact.

We offer post-delivery assistance for any useful information or for spare parts needs.
We provide on-site installation service where necessary.

Our clients


We develop projects for large and small hotels. We provide lighting fixtures and furnishing accessories for important and prestigious hotels.

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Architects - Interior designers

We collaborate with many architects for the realization of entire projects related to both restorations and new buildings. We handle projects for hotels, restaurants, entire villas, and many other types of spaces.

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Private residences

We furnish the finest private villas worldwide. The works of the Venetian Artistic Craftsmanship Glassware of the Rosa family are of absolute international prominence.

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The master glassmakers

Carlo Rosa

Carlo Rosa

Master glassmaker

Denis Rosa

Denis Rosa

Master glassmaker

Omar Rosa

Omar Rosa

Master glassmaker

Siamo una fornace artistica che produce lampadari Murano classici, moderni, floreali, luxury, liberty e decò, ma anche tavoli artistici, lampade a sospensione, piantane e altri oggetti d'arredo in vetro di Murano, secondo l'antica tradizione veneziana. Tutti i lampadari sono realizzati dalle mani esperte dei Maestri vetrai Carlo, Omar e Denis della famiglia Rosa.


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