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We furnish the finest private villas worldwide.

The works of the Rosa family's Venetian Artisanal Artistic Glassware are internationally renowned in the field of design and architecture. With their creations, they respond to interesting and unique solutions requested to furnish luxury villas, reception halls, or residences, all personalized according to the specific needs of the clientele.

Works of high artistic level

All glass works are classified as high-level Venetian artisanal craftsmanship. Consequently, placed in various refined living contexts, they can be defined as true "Venetian glassmaker projects," enhancing the furnishings for their elegance.

Each glass complement allows the realization of a surprising dream on all scales, from design to layout, to the architecture of your villa. As the masterpieces of these Venetian glass artisans are already considered furnishings in villas worldwide and proudly recognized for their authenticity, preciousness, and diversity in the type of workmanship and unparalleled beauty, respecting the Venetian cultural line.

Customized solutions for refined clients

Any commissioned project requested from this excellent artisanal glassware develops solutions with extraordinary outcomes, especially for those who can grasp and recognize the centuries-old Venetian art of glassmaking, that is, lovers, enthusiasts, and demanding individuals, through the creation of chandeliers, mirrors, handrails, and much more, personalized to uniqueness.

These "Artisan Authors" also adapt the production of Venetian artistic glass furnishings to modern or classic design, all embellished, if requested, by the addition of gold during processing.

The realization, on request, can be admired by clients following the various stages of workmanship of their work, an additional value of completeness impressed in the memory of the glass's transformation to the refined and precious complement requested.

Clients can see with their own eyes the artistic workmanship of their works

Clients will be pleasantly welcomed for a demonstration at the "Rosa" artistic laboratory, where they themselves will explain the process of Venetian artistic glassmaking, from the furnace to the blowing and working of Venetian artistic glass, showing their various unique and recognizable techniques and skills to the world.

Art that lasts over time

This refined design is destined to endure over time, transmitting perennial emotions highlighted by the shapes and light of this particular glass, which constitutes the essence of the work itself, adorning and crowning a wonderful dream, transforming it into an elegant and fantastic reality, furnishing your villa with emotions that historically pervade each of us.

Our clients


We develop projects for large and small hotels. We provide lighting fixtures and furnishing accessories for important and prestigious hotels.

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Architects - Interior designers

We collaborate with many architects for the realization of entire projects related to both restorations and new buildings. We handle projects for hotels, restaurants, entire villas, and many other types of spaces.

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Private residences

We furnish the finest private villas worldwide. The works of the Venetian Artistic Craftsmanship Glassware of the Rosa family are of absolute international prominence.

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The master glassmakers

Carlo Rosa

Carlo Rosa

Master glassmaker

Denis Rosa

Denis Rosa

Master glassmaker

Omar Rosa

Omar Rosa

Master glassmaker

Siamo una fornace artistica che produce lampadari Murano classici, moderni, floreali, luxury, liberty e decò, ma anche tavoli artistici, lampade a sospensione, piantane e altri oggetti d'arredo in vetro di Murano, secondo l'antica tradizione veneziana. Tutti i lampadari sono realizzati dalle mani esperte dei Maestri vetrai Carlo, Omar e Denis della famiglia Rosa.


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