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Our artistic creations
Our production consists of many truly unique and significant elements. We want to explain to you in words what all the nuances of our Art are.
All our products are entirely handmade. We take care of both the "glass" part (producing by hand, not in series, and using the tools that were also used by the historic Master glassmakers of Murano) and the design and creation of the frame.
For us, every single element that makes up the final work is fundamental to achieving a perfect and harmonious finished product.

Design and customization
Regarding the Design, there are various possibilities:

We offer our main collection and throughout the year we add new models. All items can be fully customized (in color, size, shape, components, number of lights). We can study together every detail in order to create what represents your needs and tastes.
We can create a work specifically for you, which means that the starting point can be your own drawing or project, but also just your idea (which is translated onto paper first and then developed into a concrete object by the skilled hands of the Masters).
We are able to reproduce any type of existing handmade glass product.

Materials and decorations
We always guarantee to provide a perfect final product using only high-quality materials, from glass to colors, from materials used for the frame to galvanic processes for chrome and gold plating. Where required or expected, we use 26K gold to make its effect brighter, more beautiful, and precious.
The beauty of the work is determined by the skill of the Masters during the glassworking process, but we provide additional possibilities for decoration: glass engraving (designs or writings), painting on glass, use of 26K gold or silver.

We give great importance to the type of light we use for all our chandeliers, both modern and classic. We use modern systems (LED, fiber optic, 12V, low-consumption lights, etc.), offering a wide range of options to choose the best option according to your needs while keeping up with the times.

Our clients


We develop projects for large and small hotels. We provide lighting fixtures and furnishing accessories for important and prestigious hotels.

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Architects - Interior designers

We collaborate with many architects for the realization of entire projects related to both restorations and new buildings. We handle projects for hotels, restaurants, entire villas, and many other types of spaces.

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Private residences

We furnish the finest private villas worldwide. The works of the Venetian Artistic Craftsmanship Glassware of the Rosa family are of absolute international prominence.

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The master glassmakers

Carlo Rosa

Carlo Rosa

Master glassmaker

Denis Rosa

Denis Rosa

Master glassmaker

Omar Rosa

Omar Rosa

Master glassmaker

Siamo una fornace artistica che produce lampadari Murano classici, moderni, floreali, luxury, liberty e decò, ma anche tavoli artistici, lampade a sospensione, piantane e altri oggetti d'arredo in vetro di Murano, secondo l'antica tradizione veneziana. Tutti i lampadari sono realizzati dalle mani esperte dei Maestri vetrai Carlo, Omar e Denis della famiglia Rosa.


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